Rest Easy Knowing Your Belongings Will Be Stored in Completely Safe Facilities

Self-storage, also called a’mini warehouse’ in the popular sense or “central mini storage“, is an abbreviation of the term’self service’. People can rent out or rent space in these facilities to store their belongings. A small business may also be able to rent out the space. Small businesses or individuals will both be referred as tenants, while the areas where they can store their materials are called lockers, units, or rooms. You get to keep your lock and keys once you have stored all of your things inside.

Why Are self-storage Units different from warehouses

Most warehouses offer a lot of space. But, in reality, small businesses or individuals don’t need that much room to store items. Naturally, these warehouses will also cost a lot. The mini-warehouses are ideal for people with small needs, as they offer smaller storage units.

The manager of the warehouse and his employees will also have access to materials. The mini-storage facility is different. Each unit has a lock and key, so you can keep it.

The last distinction between them is this: If you store your goods in a big facility, you will pay a rent that includes insurance. This is not true for mini-warehouses. You can buy insurance on your own, of course.

In the US and Canada, small storage facilities are being built where materials can be stored.

Self-storage facilities are expected to reach 51,250 in the US by 2008. More than 30235 companies own and operate these self-storage facilities. Total square footage in this country is over 2.35 billion, more than the area of Manhattan. They are not only being built in America, but all around the globe.

The demand for such facilities is increasing as people are becoming more aware of their benefits. It is true that the competition is intense amongst providers. Many are opening up. It is therefore likely that there will be a service near you.